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Adrienne Allende

lifetime Legacy Honoree


2023 - 2024 Eagle Impact 

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lifetime Altruistic Honoree

Minister Stephanie Bronner is married to the youngest brother of the Bronner Brothers Hair Dynasty. She is a Master Cosmetologist, hair weave technician and a consultant to Bronner Brothers in their Research and Development division and currently is the Competitions Manager for the Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show. Stephanie was trained, one on one, by her mentor who was the leading hair weave instructor in the nation, Juanita Bronner Garmon. Stephanie has invested 26 years of devoted love and submission to one man. From this union, seven beautiful children were born. Of which one is an Ordained Minister and a second has now accepted the call into the ministry. Throughout these 26 years of marriage, she has kept a faithful and dedicated husband through pregnancy, illness, and fatigue. With practical and systematic techniques that are teachable and relationship changing, Stephanie gained experience through her own marriage and now helps transform the mindset of many women in the midst of failing relationships. She is the co-author of the Relationship book entitled, Bedroom Talk- Turn your marriage into a Life Long Love Affair (foreword by Ambassador Andrew Young) and she shares all these principles and best practices in her side of the book. Stephanie and her husband are also the founders of It is a website that gives the tools needed for singles (the love screener), married couples ( and parents ( to aid and guide in decisions for the family and individual lives. She has also produced to help new mothers and wives save time at home. With her husband, she has been featured on V103 radio and other talk shows to discuss their views on relationships and marriage. She sings on the praise team and also serves as a Youth minister with her husband at the Ark of Salvation. She counsels the young, the old, the engaged, the married, and the divorced and has ongoing conversations with singles to prepare them for their Man or Woman of God. Stephanie is the Daughter of the late Pastor Emeritus Forrest J. and Sallie Saffo. She has two brothers, Pastor George C. Saffo and Rev. James B. Saffo. The ministerial call was upon her at a very early age and she and her husband were ordained in the Millennium year of 2000, together, at the Ark of Salvation. They regularly conduct weddings and give Pre and Post-Marital counseling for those couples that realize that learning is an ongoing process when delicately handling the commitment of marriage, post marital counseling is a must. She is devoted to informing women (and men) on the best practices of building a successful relationship. Because she loves God with her whole being; submission, loyalty, prayer and honesty are pillars in her life.

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lifetime Abolitionist Honoree

Jason B. Allen is the National Organizing Director for the National Parents Union. He has worked in Education for over fifteen (15) years as a teacher, administrator and leader serving students, families and communities. As a long time storyteller, Jason shares his experiences through his company, educational entities, llc , which includes The Educators Voice Blog (TEVB), Students for Equity, i Win Morning Show and Lillie’s Foundation. He is a longtime advocate for male engagement and doing the work of elevating Black male teachers and educators voices to order to help increase the number of male educators or color in classrooms and boardrooms. His podcast, Speak Black Man, focuses on ways to recruit, retain and empower Black male educators to advocate for social justice and equity while adding our perspectives to various issues impacting us. Additionally, he shares his experience as an educator through the Indy K12 blog. He is a member of the Association of American Educators (AAE), and the AAE Foundation Advocacy Fellow. His life work is centered on his family’s foundation, Lillie’s Foundation, supporting grandparents and seniors raising school aged children.

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Dr. Travis "Trapp" Barber

lifetime Lifter Honoree

Dr. Travis Barber is obsessed with leveling the playing field in 2022. Born in Buford, South Carolina, but raised in Fairburn, Georgia, Dr. Travis Barber has embarked on an entrepreneurial journey with 1MO?. 1MO? became an LLC and received its Articles of Incorporation on May 19, 2020. 1MO? is a 501c3 centered around the vision of progressing the development community. Within just a few years of 1MO?’s launch, Dr. Barber has grown a profitable bootstrapped brand with a team of community leaders such as: local police departments, politicians, business owners and a host of volunteers in the surrounding communities. Daily activities include hosting food drives, speaking engagements, panel discussions and luncheons, and the annual event "Sons Day" (fishing with fathers) which caters to fatherless young children. Mr. Barber most current edition "1Mo Book Bro. Enrichment Program" has been added as a new curriculum at local elementary schools. Due to his extraordinary contribution to his community, November 24th has been declared as "Travis Emory Barber Day" by the City of South Fulton. Dr. Barber is the 2022 Rice Award Community Impactor of the year. Dr. Barber was also presented with The O’lillian Award in 2022 by Councilman Dr. Mark Baker. While Dr. Barber is not occupied with a traditional 9-5 job, he spends his time diligently working to uplift the community. Outside of 1MO? Travis is a devoted son, brother, father, and grandfather to two amazing grandchildren.

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