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How to Become a Nominee?
To become a nominee is very easy.  You will need find out what category/Categories you qualify for. As our categories changes each year. Please understand, to be a nominee you must be prepared.  You will need a professional headshot, an identity of advocating for something, a reel of your work, a source of marketing, and a willing to promote your involvement.  CLICK HERE to gain more details.

Can I bring my family? 
Through messaging, speeches, and entertainment, we ensure that all guests of any age, sexual preferences, faiths and/or economic status are all respected.  We just request that all are opened minded to the expressions offered to the show.  Kids that are 12 and under, that requires a seat must pay for tickets at a discounted rate.  ALL Guests are required to meet Dress code requirements.

Tickets Details
Through NIAA, we ensure to provide a safe and successful affair.  Therefore, 

How Should I Dress for Awards?

How to do I Buy My Tickets?

How should I Dress for the NIAA Awards? NIAA is a 

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