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Nspired Image Awards Association Sponsor Letter

On behalf of the Nspired Image Awards Association (NIAA), a media, entertainment, and scholarship industry committed to recognizing and celebrating the achievements of African-Americans. Our mission is to encourage, expose, and educate African-Americans about our own well-doing by providing a classy, creative, and quality atmosphere for all to experience. I am excited to inform you of our upcoming Juneteenth Awards Ceremony entitled THE NSPIRED IMAGE AWARDS taking place on June 17th, 2023, at the Bliss Lounge Event Center, 5471 Memorial Drive Stone Mountain, GA area. The event promises to be an unforgettable experience for all attendees, featuring live performances, awards ceremonies, and networking opportunities. Our experience this year is beyond a call to performers that do things to better our community. In our call to duty of this weekend's affairs, we strive to present as an association to introduce to our youth those who are paving the way for them in 2023. We are seeking products/financing 

niaa logo

donations from organizations like yours that share our values and vision. The NIAA is committed to promoting human rights, African-American history, and protection for our community, among other important issues. We believe that your support will go a long way in helping us achieve our mission.

The Nspired Image Awards recognizes and awards achievements in the arts, and their advocate impact in our community. We will also be launching our very own online tv source, Nubian Online TV and magazine.  Through our source, we will have 100% control of ensuring the content in which quality, creativity, and opportunities to assist in the growth of this great platform will benefit not only us but you as well. 

Our demographics are broad and target men and women who believe many "dreams" are denounced by one skin color, yet many push through to still achieve and make an impact. We would be honored if your organization could partner with us and help us make this event a success. Your support will help us make a significant impact in our community and inspire future generations to achieve their dreams. Thank you for considering our request. For more information about our organization, visit our main site at: We look forward to hearing from you soon

Nspired Image Awards Association In Exchange

Foremost, we cannot thank you enough for considering your support towards our endeavors.  On behalf of ourselves and the community.  Thank you! In your cheerful support, we would like to present to you the following packages: 

Red Package


Great opportunity for small or major businesses to expand and market their company through our scripted presentation.  As your rep introduces your company and the service you all offers. That grants them the opportunity to recognize the winner of the chosen category which is brought to our guests by your brand.

Nspired Images Inc

In exchange:

  • 4 NX Invitation (please review Red Carpet guidelines

  • Presenter Stage Time (scripted presentation) which includes a photo op

  • Your Logo will be displayed on the venue's screens throughout the building from early doors until show time and 30 minutes thereafter.

  • Your logo will be displayed on our Red Carpet Backdrop

  • Your logo will be displayed on our Digital Step & Repeat (1 year)

  • Digital Banner feature on our Award's website for 1 year

  • Digital Banner feature on Nubian TV website for 1 year

  • Will receive a full-color page feature within our magazine 

  • Honorable mention by the Show Producer in remarks


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