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Our association is committed to recognizing and honoring the significant contributions made by African American men, women, and children in our community and culture. As we aid to  elevate their achievements and ensure that their legacies are never forgotten. We invite you to join us in celebrating these remarkable individuals and their lasting impacts.


Red Carpet 5pm - 7pm  Ceremony  7pm

June 15, 2024

4515 Stone Mountain, Hwy Lilburn, Georgia 30047

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Nspired Images

Our goal is to come together and celebrate the incredible resilience of our Black and Brown ancestors during the Juneteenth era. We gather to commemorate this significant time with our Western Brothers & Sisters to draw inspiration from their journey.  Celebrating "freedom" together, just as they did by dressing up and gathering at the lake. Today, we pay tribute to those who are making a positive impact through entertainment, business, and education.

The Nspired Image Awards Association (NIAA) program was established on February 6, 2023, with the aim of recognizing and awarding outstanding Black & Brown individuals in the fields of entertainment, business, and education. Our awards ceremony takes place during the Juneteenth Weekend, and we strive to encourage, expose, and educate our audience with a structural, elegant and award-winning experience.  As our Western Ancestors never experience.  

We are proud to grant our award winners the recognition they deserve and invite all interested individuals to join our platform to showcase their quality, talent, and humanity. Categories are often changed or found to be more challenging.



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